Thursday, 14 June 2018

That 80's spirit

Even though it's a blast straight out of the 80's , this bustier dress in this animal print will never ever go out of fashion .

Most fashion houses will rework or tweak the design , it's that popular !

Very form fitting , but not made from bodycon material , I'll need to lose more weight in the middle first before I ever take one step outside in this .

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So far , I've spotted a similar dress in Guess but this piece cost so much less at RM 47 only ( it was on sale at 50% discount , and the shop deducted another 6% GST so I got it real cheap .....been eyeing it since last year )

Like I said before , this design is still so wildly popular you can find plenty of versions by D&G ( but those of course cost a bomb ) and will never ever die down , so it's a must add on for any fashionistas wardrobe .

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