Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Polyester or viscose as a base layer

Been looking for a base layer .

Hence the sudden interest in label reading and material composition .
Actually , I'm reading labels like mad these days , more like . 

Says below 95% Viscose , 5% Elastane.
Which sounds like a death wish for a base layer but wait till you see what I found via google .

Monday, 5 December 2016

Water jasmine - a pretty sight

After parking directly under a water jasmine bush , one tiny flower fell right on top of the wiper .

The water jasmine ( also known as Wrightia Religiosa ) , is a species favoured by local bonsai enthusiasts in Malaysia .

It can undergo extreme pruning , recovers fast and when it flowers ( usually after pruning ) , it emits a powerful fragrance , which is quite amazing seeing how tiny the flower is  .

Friday, 2 December 2016

Disproportionate dilemma

Since I've lost a little bit of weight 
recently , I've had to hunt for a new pair of jeans .
Which was when I found out how unproportionate my current shape is .
My booty can still stop traffic , my midrift is just 3cm less ( which is not much ) , but my legs have gone down a dramatic 2 sizes .

Thus , if I can put my leg in one side of the pants , I might not be able to pull it past my mid thigh section . If I did manage to do it , I'd probably crash right through the dressing room partition and land on a poor unsuspecting victim next door , whom , who knows might snap a pic of me in my state of undress and plaster it to be immortalised all over the internet for all eternity . No thanks .

Sigh ......

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Join 2 necklaces into 1 with

Found a very lovely looking flower necklace at Daiso yesterday .

After I removed it from the pack and put it round my neck , I found it too short for my liking , thus I strapped it round my wrist and walked around a bit before I went back and purchased a second piece .