Sunday, 18 June 2017

Forever not enough

It's a week to Raya and there are massive sales in just about every corner . 
In fact , I don't remember the discounts being this hefty before ( last year saw a lot of new beautiful stocks towards Raya but this year , there are massive clearance sales , and I mean massive ) but oh my gawd , you'd better go check out the good shopping complexes here .

Anyway , now that I have dedicated my time to and adopted a firm exercise schedule , the word 
SALE hung up all over the shop ,
proved too much !
Alas , I caved in and came out with 4 more very " necessary " sports bras from where else but Forever 21 .
Reasoned with myself that their durability and colour fastness was an
" investment " 
( what self delusional bs )

One .
Black with silver reflective strips .

Two .
Charcoal and black with Coral strips .
Same pattern as the above .

Three .
An Alberto de Herrera in yellow .

Four .
Mint with Grey straps at the back and on the inside lining .
I have another same design in Black with Fluorescent Orange straps which I wear very often .
Both sport the same reflective strips seen in the picture below .

So happened the cashier recognised me from the last visit .
By now , she probably knew that I had become hooked .

Said that she tried wearing them but did not like the fit and that left her at loss as to how to go about advising new customers who had never worn them before .
I told her 
" why don't you tell them to try one first "
because we all know how that will end up if they do now don't we ?
With her as the exception .

Location : Penang 

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