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Friday, 8 September 2017

Tesco F & F Active athletic wear - some hits , some misses

I do shop at Tesco often . Even when I pop into Thailand , sometimes I check out the stores there as well . 

Actually bought one of my first sports bras from Tesco , a black with mottled pink edging under the Assign label . I'll be very honest about that sports bra . 
Although it did hold my boobs up well , washing was a nightmare . First wash , caused the colour to run and bleed , staining the removable inner sponge to a dirty colour. Ugh . 
Next annoyance was the stitching . The underside where the band is , seemed to crack with each fitting and that really bothered the heck out of me . That initial bra became extremely faded and looked like a very, very sad old rag by the third wash  .
Miss # 1

Miss # 2 is a striped sleeveless mesh tee that turned out to be so ugly , I wonder what came over me . Doesn't deserve any pics either m

Now you're probably wondering why I didn't ask for a refund or shop elsewhere then ? Simple , because I was much larger than I am now , there just wasn't any other option .

Sunday, 3 September 2017

H & M - can I M

Heading up north , this year's paddy fields are not as spectacularly golden as in the past . 
Still , out of habit , I popped into the best shopping complex in town , which is Aman Central , and head straight for the split level H&M store located within .

H&M medium support , racerback sports bra with ventilating mesh and wide elasticated hem.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

3 firsts towards a minier me

 This is the first miniskirt I'm purchasing in a really long time .
It's taken between 8 to 9 months to come to this stage .
My tummy has gone down half the size it previously was without any loose skin problem . There's long term results for you . 

Koochi moochi is probably not going to approve but because I live in Penang , the one place in Malaysian where older women of my age and beyond still dare to don such garb , I'm going right ahead and gonna pour myself into one anyway .

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

2nd pair in 2 months

Bought my first 3 stripe trainers in May , now I've done so much foot battering workouts with them , that the soles are wearing down and making a funny suction sound .
Don't get me wrong , the shoe itself is still intact . Structure still very good .... on the outside that is .
However , the cushioning impact has been drastically reduced and I can feel it . Ignoring that detail just to stretch my ringgit would be a really foolish thing to do , seeing how old I am now .
Just the other day , I was having a chat with this other exercise kaki who told me how she spoilt her knees by not getting a better pair of soles . Too late to turn back time so to speak as the damage is irreversible .

Not just any mat

Have you ever seen a gold yoga mat ?
 I sure haven't . Anyway , since I just began to incorporate exercise into my life from last December , inevitably yoga will be a natural progression . Don't care if it has been in the market far back as 2016 ( what the production date on the label says ) but I sure want one for myself ! 
Where did I get this from ? Body by Cotton On . Bag not included .

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Cotton On Body

Orange seems to be my new favourite colour nowadays . 
There are just so many shades to choose from I can't believe it ! 

From pastels , to candy shades and bright fluorescents , when I spot them on the rack , I go a bit nuts after that .

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Forever not enough

It's a week to Raya and there are massive sales in just about every corner . 
In fact , I don't remember the discounts being this hefty before ( last year saw a lot of new beautiful stocks towards Raya but this year , there are massive clearance sales , and I mean massive ) but oh my gawd , you'd better go check out the good shopping complexes here .

Anyway , now that I have dedicated my time to and adopted a firm exercise schedule , the word 
SALE hung up all over the shop ,
proved too much !
Alas , I caved in and came out with 4 more very " necessary " sports bras from where else but Forever 21 .
Reasoned with myself that their durability and colour fastness was an
" investment " 
( what self delusional bs )

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

After 6 months of exercise ....

...this is how much has melted off .

My tummy is still visible but I am not gonna suck it in for the camera .
It's taken 6 months of hard exercise ( despite some periods of illness and pain ) to get to this stage .

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017

Cotton On - muscle tee , tank top

When it comes to my activewear , I love to dress in a riot of colours .
Plus I'm beginning to explore other stores for more variety , such as Cotton On , where I found these two called the Coar Coar Power Mesh Tank in Blue Light and Coar Performance Muscle Tee in Yellow Heather .

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Almost always the first colour to be sold out

Walk into most sports stores in Penang and chances are , the pink tank top or sports bra you seek , in your size is non existent .
Someone always beats you to it .
Pink sells out like hot buns here .

Monday, 5 June 2017

Reebok Sayumi and a Classic Royal duffel

Seriously now . I went back in to see where I had gone wrong . Why so many found them suitable , yet I found fault with the Les Milles Hayasu line. Nope.
 Still does not give me that proper fit . Huge issue with a snag in the heel area . 
Really don't see what the fuss is all about .
Had also snuck back into another Puma outlet , not impressed when I realised that they still had a long way to go in terms of durability as well as discolouration .

Then I decided to slip my foot into the brown and white Sayumi . Hey , not bad . 
Found a black and white lying around  but not before a little bit of drama .

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Puma - Clash Tights

I stepped in a little starry eyed into the Puma boutique today . 
Can't say I wasn't influenced by the exceptional service I received from the staff ( was checking out their Ignite series... omg so cantiklah ) , in the end , I bought my first piece .
Call it a compromise though it seems more like a splurge since I already have acquired some pretty cool tights from Reebok so far. 

Clash Tights in Black & Knockout Pink with feather prints .
Otherwise known as part of the ensemble featured on Kylie Jenner's Swan Pack ad ( see bottom of this post ) .

Monday, 29 May 2017

Four the 3 lost

Yes ! 
After having lost another 3 kilos , I can finally fit nicely into these .
Now , I just had to get these 4 colours .
Koochi moochi can't believe I'm posting this up but oh I am .

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Awkward B23022 moment

Have already worn this pair twice so far . Didn't think much of it when I first purchased it . Purposely got a lower priced range that could take the pounding without costing a bomb . Naturally , I least expected the other girls to be constantly checking out my feet .
Apparently , I'm not the only one who likes the old vintage 3 stripe look . Of course this one's kinda got an updated look but not enough to convince koochi moochi who loves his overseas bought Skecher's to death ! ( how to compare lahhh , cheaper and nicer made some more )

Anyway , one of them stared so hard , with such a steely silence , I just had to look back to see what was bothering her .

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Two three stripes

Honestly , I don't know what came over me .
Maybe I do .

At first I was completely disappointed after trying out another sports shoe brand ( a sports brand I've been gaga about lately ) . Nothing seemed to fit . Anything below 400 ringgit was all hype , you'll need to look at the higher end ones for a decent pair , but I was having none of it .There were snags , the cushioning was very odd and on the umpteenth pair , I swore I'd get a blister if I ended up with a pair for the next few months .

Looked at a cheap sports shoe brand . Apparently my ongoing exercise regime has made me more sensitive about getting the right fit . Too tight on one foot , too much grip on the sole . Forget it .

Walked into Adidas and that was it .
Their shoes fit so snugly , damn , I ended up with 2 pairs ! 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Wearable high performance art

Before I go any further , I'd like you to know that this unique Upendo Taylor / Reebok collaborative piece was launched way back in 2015 .
 So it's not new , just that I wasn't into fitness apparel back then and probably would have busted an eyeball trying to squeeze myself into them .

Coming back to the story , I spotted this 2 nights ago , decided not to wait and went back for it last night , you know , since there was only one piece in my size and a good thing too .....
because when I walked into the store and could not find it on the rack , once I started looked for the shopgirl for answers , I almost screamed .
They were packing the whole lot up to transfer back to their warehouse in Selangor ! Omg ! Just in the nick of time !

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Forever addicted to Forever 21

You shouldn't ever try buying inner wear or sports attire at Forever 21 .
Wanna know why ?
See now , I'm stuck . See my latest 2 purchases below.
Find myself looking at the logo and feeling utterly happy and content.
Gosh !

I completely lurrrrrvvvv how the pieces feel and look that whenever I'm in the vicinity , I just cannot pull myself away . Just gotta step in and take a peek .
Doesn't help that sports streetwear is so huge at the moment .