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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Let it show

Once past the seemingly complicated network of straps , I now completely enjoy the freedom that a bralette offers me , the wearer . 
In today's world , we are now allowed to let it show in a peekaboo manner , which makes this type of bra absolutely perfect for me .

If at first glance , it looks like a ridiculously sheer piece of overpriced clothing with strings to you , you're not alone . I was guilty of thinking that initially as well .
However , the instant you put it on , somehow , it makes you feel a special kind of coy feminenenness ( if there ever is such a word lolzwut ) , it could get you hooked on it and want to ditch all of your stiff padded bras so to speak .
Nothing short of amazing .

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Forever not enough

It's a week to Raya and there are massive sales in just about every corner . 
In fact , I don't remember the discounts being this hefty before ( last year saw a lot of new beautiful stocks towards Raya but this year , there are massive clearance sales , and I mean massive ) but oh my gawd , you'd better go check out the good shopping complexes here .

Anyway , now that I have dedicated my time to and adopted a firm exercise schedule , the word 
SALE hung up all over the shop ,
proved too much !
Alas , I caved in and came out with 4 more very " necessary " sports bras from where else but Forever 21 .
Reasoned with myself that their durability and colour fastness was an
" investment " 
( what self delusional bs )

Monday, 29 May 2017

Four the 3 lost

Yes ! 
After having lost another 3 kilos , I can finally fit nicely into these .
Now , I just had to get these 4 colours .
Koochi moochi can't believe I'm posting this up but oh I am .

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Succumbing to 2 shades of camouflage and a...

I have phases if you haven't noticed by now .
And currently , I am on the constant lookout for wicking material .
Actually I succumbed to temptation and instead of settling for one camouflage green , I got two . Two ? Oh no but Yep ...two .

2 shades of camouflage ( not from Forever 21 so please don't go looking for this there although other global locations might have this in stock , they do have neon camouflage capris and tops which I don't quite fancy ) and an Alberto de Herrera backless sleeved shirt from Forever 21 made from 83% nylon / polyamide and 17% spandex / elastane .

Price : I don't want to know , I just had to have 'em .