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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tajuddin Hussain - mood lifting kandar and briyani

 Many operators claim to offer nasi briyani in Penang , but I've always walked away disappointed . 

 Well , my search ends here . This plate is Da Bomb ! 
Suuuuuper delicious , so addictive and soooooo satisfying , I wish I could eat this everyday without murdering my hips .

Monday, 14 August 2017

Olala Cendol - Mergong

Wanna know how I sometimes sniff out some of the best hawker places on my own , even when I'm on unfamiliar ground ?
Here you go . 
I always keep an eye out for unusual traffic .

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Restoran Berkat - Malay beef noodles

You've tried the Vietnamese version , as well as a few Chinese versions .
Let's go Malay now shall we ?

The Malay version of beef noodles , is much simpler . There's that all important soup base concocted from mixed spices stuffed into a muslin ball , the trademark turmeric coloured vermicelli noodle , other condiments such as an extra dollop of chilli for that added kick and beef of course .

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Wingstop - VivoCity

Confronted by the sheer numbers of dining options at VivoCity , we finally decided to stop at Wingstop . Yeah , I know , it sounds so corny but that's what we did . Really .

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mami Midah Briyani - quite easy to find

Originally from Geylang Serai , this stall is rather easy to find via the MRT .
Just get off at Eunos and walk past the first visible foodcourt you see , 
proceed past a row of small retail shops , turn left and you will soon see another foodcourt complex .

Highly recommended by local folks , this was our second choice stop , on the Briyani hit list . First preference was for one place near Paya Lebar MRT station , third option was all the way on the other side at Tanjong Pagar 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Salmon Steak Bowl - Fish Fest at Yoshinoya Hanamaru

Just when I thought we'd be relegated to just Udon , Beef and Japanese curry  variations forever and ever , the good people at Yoshinoya Hanamaru Malaysia decided to spice things up a bit . 

And Penang has the honour of having 2 out of 3 outlets in the entire country to introduce this brand new menu .

However , given the history of how  Salmon is served ( so unfresh with such an unpleasant smell in this country ) , we approached the promising looking menu with much trepidation .

To think of it , it does seem pretty ambitious at first glance .

Saba Flake Bowl 
Salmon Saba Mix Bowl
Saba Kabayaki Bowl
Saba Fillet Bowl
Salmon Steak Bowl 

That's a whole lot of fish for an outlet that is famed for beef !

Decided on the Salmon Steak Bowl .

Upon scrutinising the pricing , the thought of going 3 levels up to Sushi Tei for our grilled Salmon Teriyaki fix did cross my mind .

MYR 19.80 for a Salmon Steak bowl was a little steep when you compare the 2 outlets side by side .
Sushi Tei is a full serving restaurant while Yoshinoya Hanamaru is a self service place . 
I knew I could depend on Sushi Tei for fresh fish , but having fish in Yoshinoya ? This was going to be a gamble on my part . I'd either love it or live to regret it .


Anywayyyyy , the first nibble put all doubt to rest  .
Yes I love it. 
Served in a cast iron pot perched ontop of a wooden pedestal , with a small portion of short grained rice at the bottom accompanied by spring onions , a dab of wasabi , some maddeningly addictive Japanese mayo and a pinch of cut seaweed , 
is the salmon steak .

I'll say , I wasn't at all impressed with the portion . However the creamy taste , seared light smokey sweet sauce put the smile back on my face .

Didn't try all of the other fish dishes since we all have our individual addictions , 
but the fact that the fish is so fresh ,not overdone , with the skin still a little sticky... fatty underlayer intact , you can't go wrong with this for a change , even for someone like me who prefers raw sashimi to a cooked salmon . 
This one's good . All good .

Thumbs up . Gulping my saliva as I recall the flavours . Very nice . Good job !

Location : Gurney Plaza , Penang 
Available in these other following outlets : Sunway Carnival , Aeon Shah Alam .

Saturday, 29 October 2016

6666 for Nasi Padang

This semi makeshift restaurant has been operating for the past 3 years already and the prices are so reasonable , it left me speechless when they passed us a chit of paper with the total bill amount scribbled on it . 

I'll begin by listing out my favourite dishes then show you what the shop looks like at the end .

Bergedil .
 Finely mashed potatoes with teeny weeny chunks of beef and celery embedded in a pattie that's deep fried with a thin egg batter coat .
Packed , fragrant and delicious , I absolutely love this as the few places that serve bergedil in Penang seem to be slacking these days . Don't be surprised to get some that are swimming in oil , coated in chewy batter and as well as those that fall apart when you try to lift it up  .
This one's good .

Saturday, 22 October 2016

KSB Cahaya New Abu - finally , some real mamak food

You have absolutely no idea how difficult it is to find a good mamak stall selling yummy roti canai , mee goreng and maggi sup , at night , in Georgetown these days .

 A lot of the former haunts now rely on factory produced roti canai dough which tastes really awful and the cooks under their employment have tastebuds that are world's apart from us regular Malaysians hence the decline in orders , when it comes to those 3 dishes .

Until you swing into Macalister Lane .
It's close to 11 pm but this quiet lane is filled with hungry owls  .
A scene that is increasingly rare nowadays . 

Waaaaaaa.....will you take a look at the beaming crowd ?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Nasi Kandar Misai Chowrasta - my favourite hideout

The nasi kandar dished out here is as wholesome , hearty and addictive as the Nasi Ganja in Ipoh .
The more you eat , the higher you get .

However , of late , the stalled market complex construction as well as their competitors , have seemingly muscled them out of the lion's share of customers . Yet , as a regular patron , I tell you , I absolutely love this little nook because 
they've neither skimped on the ingredients nor upped their prices and most of all , the food still tastes as fantastic as always .

What you see now is their new premise . Much smaller than the last causing a lot of their regulars to do takeaways .

Monday, 18 January 2016

Eel or Snakehead soup anyone ?

Muah : " I'm gonna try the sup campur with beehoon . What would you like to have ? "

Him : " Same lah....I'll have the same as you "

Muah : " Sure ah ? "
He nodded in agreement .

Not long later , the mixed bowl of beef offal soup with yellow coloured vermicelli arrived . 
Not to say that his understanding of Malay was poor , he understood what Campur meant. However, the more he drank , the more he slowed down .

So I asked him " What's wrong ? "

Him : " These are beef BODY PARTS you know ?  Every part of the cow is in this soup !!!"

Muah : " Oh come's not THAT bad . Besides, the meat is fresh and most important of all , it doesn't smell like it's celebrated several birthdays at the bottom of a freezer "

Him : " I can't stand the jelly like parts " 

Muah : " Oh you think that's bad ? " 
( I should have pointed out the tongue at the counter to him. Big ass bad it was )
" Look over there where the tanks are . Wanna have those instead ? "

His eyes almost popped out and maybe he lost his appetite for good . 

Fresh from the paddy fields. 
Freshwater eels .
Which resemble snakes. Which we don't eat. Well maybe other Chinese do , just not us .
Yeah , don't put your foot in the rice fields if you don't know what lives there ( snakes , eels , snails , dung ) How the eels get in the waterways , I don't know but no matter how good they are for my health , I'm not having them in my soup . Na ah . No thank you .

Maybe when I'm up to it , I might give the Snakehead aka Haruan fish soup a try . The finned species that can walk on land . 

You go ahead first . 
Anyone ? 

Location : Gerai Lee Koi Sup Asli ,
Sungai Petani , Kedah

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Abang E Capati

The best way to bridge any rift , when bridges are being burnt is through good old tasty food .
 If we are intent on a tit for tat , then much will be lost . When we can sit down on one table ( ok let's be more current and realistic , under one roof ) and eat as one family , things can get as good as the old days and suspicions can go fly kite so to speak .
Caprish ? Once you have read between the lines , here let me show you another of the most under rated cuisines in Malaysia .

These Kedah folks , they do not ever brag about their cooking . Never 
 And I don't understand why . 
Maybe they were taught to be humble about it . Maybe they think their skills are nothing to shout about  .

Thus , it was a long time coming and this year has finally revealed itself to me as to just how good the Kedah Malay chef really is .

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Laksa Dusun Mini Stadium

The original plan was to go pay the very addictive Laksa Tempurung a visit. But since it was closed , I decided to give this place a try . 
Run mostly by a bunch of men except for the sole woman chef who occasionally hovers near the stove , some of their takeaway customers like to give the hanging plastic birds a little squeeze . Makes for a lighthearted moment then .

 From the price list , I'm guessing that they produce the noodles themselves. Name of the shop , makes me wonder if I'll get farm fresh produce in my noodles , since Dusun means Orchard in Malay .

Malay style chicken rice and nasi goreng fried with salted fish is also available but I'm just going for the fishy spicy noodle today .

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ayam Bawang is a favourite on the south side of the island

6pm on the south side of the island , is still much too early for dinner. 
Deep fried ayam bawang will be your best option . Thing is whether you wanna opt for the Malay version or the Mamak version. 
We had both .

First up .... the Malay stall at Kompleks MPPP , Jalan Rajawali .
Nasi Dalca Ayam Bawang . 

Here's the thing about Nasi is getting increasingly rare and unlike the nasi tomato which only a Penang Mamak can cook extremely well , nasi dalca is an acquired taste , which not everyone finds agreeable . 
Usually found in Gelugor or the fringes of Jelutong , this stall in Bayan Lepas has managed to garner a loyal following amongst fans of the dish .

Monday, 26 October 2015

Laksa Tempurung Kulim

Now why didn't anyone think of serving Laksa Kedah this way before ? 

Presented inside a scraped out coconut shell , the result gets everyone wanting to make a beeline here in a jiffy.  
Looks beauuuutiful and so delicious when posted up on the social media .

Monday, 19 October 2015

Cendol Casa - Jalan Sutera Prima , Prai

Dining under the trees out in the open , even under such hazy conditions, is what we Malaysians like best .
Situated in front of an apartment block , this dessert stop attracts hoardes of Uni and college going students because of one main ingredient , Koko Krunch , a type of breakfast cereal . 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Nasi Kandar Shahirah Banu - meal for less than £1 or €1.30

Today , it is still possible to get a rice meal below RM5 in Penang.
Two small cuts of chicken , 2 tiny pieces of ladies fingers , 1 salted duck egg ( bad habit picked up from Malacca ) , big scoop of snakegourd , cost me  RM4.70 ......not inclusive of papadom and drinks.

Former TAR college students might know this restaurant when it was formerly known as Jamal Tariq .
In fact , I have personally seen Karpal Singh's son , Gobind Singh Deo ( RIP ) come takeaway from here before. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

No GST at Ah' Basri Satay !

While other mamak restaurants are charging RM3 for one plate of rice and RM2 for an egg , see for yourself.
Really no GST ! Still RM1.20 for one chicken satay.
Not only that, the size of their satay is still the biggest in I dare say the whole of Malaysia. Not even 5 star hotels serve satay this big.
They've now opened up another outlet on the mainland and yet have decided to not burden us customers.
How cool is Ah' Basri Satay ? Very admirable. An example for other traders to follow. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gerai Lekor & Cucur at Lebuh Downing

After seeing the RM796 ++ minimum picture of the Prosperity Poon Choi, Shang Palace sent to my inbox, I wondered who the photographer was. Because that picture made me so hungry, the abalones were looking back at me in such a come hither manner, I even wanted to go grab some chrysanthemums to munch on. They are edible by the way.
Now, before they even deem me worthy enough to be a food tester, a real one that is, not a virtual one,  I just had to go bite something. For real. 
No, not you boy. I need some lekor , ( a type of fish fritters from the East coast states mixed with a lot of flour ) and I need it now. 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Nasi Kandar Line Clear - Penang Airport

You won't find me in the Line Clear outlet in Georgetown. Don't like the servers , there's a horrible queue, plenty of smokers , rats everywhere and most important of all , they can't even get my teh tarik drink right. Next, there's the ongoing family saga, fight for the business, with guns involved and raids conducted, woooo...darned stupid risk for innocent diners to take.

Now, the outlet at the airport, of course it's not only much more pleasant to dine in, if you have spotted the chef doing his QC and giving his underling a hard time, you want to blow him a kiss and thank him for upholding the standards that earned them fame . 
You see this order ( our order of course ) and you'll immediately think it's suicide right ? 

1 cabbage, 2 squid, 1 beef, 2 different types of chicken ( 1 fried, 1 curry ) plus rice and drinks .
Damage : RM60 with change

Think about it. Clean , airconditioned premise, less people, fussy cerewet chef in da house. Me, I will return, even if it's this expensive. No smokers, good tea, quality Nasi Kandar, spicy as hell aromatic curries . Fantastic !

Location : Arrival floor, Penang International Airport