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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Restoran Berkat - Malay beef noodles

You've tried the Vietnamese version , as well as a few Chinese versions .
Let's go Malay now shall we ?

The Malay version of beef noodles , is much simpler . There's that all important soup base concocted from mixed spices stuffed into a muslin ball , the trademark turmeric coloured vermicelli noodle , other condiments such as an extra dollop of chilli for that added kick and beef of course .

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Pak Nik Cendol

The weather is scorching hot and everyone is ditching hawker fare for boring foodcourt food in airconditioned premises , except for Pak Nik Cendol 's diehard customers .
Pak Nik Cendol is so easy to spot . Just look for the longest line of cars parked beside the road .

Monday, 18 January 2016

Eel or Snakehead soup anyone ?

Muah : " I'm gonna try the sup campur with beehoon . What would you like to have ? "

Him : " Same lah....I'll have the same as you "

Muah : " Sure ah ? "
He nodded in agreement .

Not long later , the mixed bowl of beef offal soup with yellow coloured vermicelli arrived . 
Not to say that his understanding of Malay was poor , he understood what Campur meant. However, the more he drank , the more he slowed down .

So I asked him " What's wrong ? "

Him : " These are beef BODY PARTS you know ?  Every part of the cow is in this soup !!!"

Muah : " Oh come's not THAT bad . Besides, the meat is fresh and most important of all , it doesn't smell like it's celebrated several birthdays at the bottom of a freezer "

Him : " I can't stand the jelly like parts " 

Muah : " Oh you think that's bad ? " 
( I should have pointed out the tongue at the counter to him. Big ass bad it was )
" Look over there where the tanks are . Wanna have those instead ? "

His eyes almost popped out and maybe he lost his appetite for good . 

Fresh from the paddy fields. 
Freshwater eels .
Which resemble snakes. Which we don't eat. Well maybe other Chinese do , just not us .
Yeah , don't put your foot in the rice fields if you don't know what lives there ( snakes , eels , snails , dung ) How the eels get in the waterways , I don't know but no matter how good they are for my health , I'm not having them in my soup . Na ah . No thank you .

Maybe when I'm up to it , I might give the Snakehead aka Haruan fish soup a try . The finned species that can walk on land . 

You go ahead first . 
Anyone ? 

Location : Gerai Lee Koi Sup Asli ,
Sungai Petani , Kedah

Thursday, 29 October 2015

White Sugar Seafood - Sungai Petani

There are pockets full of Penangites who have set up businesses in Kedah and this place is one of
 them .

Photo from Foursquare