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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

Rung Rueng - uuummm that's definitely not Tom Yum dear

As mentioned in the post before this , we were on the lookout for Chinese Thai cuisine this time round .
And somehow , we ended up in Rung Rueng aka Rung Ruang , because any Chinese worth their salt will go searching for pork based dishes when they feel a little under the weather , or just on a whim .

Me , I didn't hunt this place down . The tuk tuk which brought us out from Yonomori Onsen so happened to whiz by this rather packed restaurant and of course I would notice a crowd in an alley , thus after he dropped us off at the BTS where EM Quartier is , we just had to retrace his route and turn into the small alley .

Shop # 61 - Pridi Banomyong Soi 2 Alley

When I first began exploring Bangkok , there were no apps to act as a guide . As such , travel guides stepped in to fill the wanting gap , especially when it came to satiating the gourmand me . Ah those were good times ..... the places they took us to eat were so good and yet their location was pretty much out of the way , making it rather difficult to pinpoint and locate when I returned on my own .
Most times , we were taken to mom and pop establishments run by Thai Chinese , where we had some truly satisfying offerings . 

Today , that's what I'm back for this time round . Thai Chinese food . 

Despite the advancements ,  this beaten shop was no where on anybody's good food map , yet I managed to sniff it out after a lot of stubborn perserverance and a little bit of luck .

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Divine Bangkok river prawns

Yesterday night , we went back to this new place known for Teochew cuisine a second time . The first time was a miss but yesterday's garoupa was so darned out of this world , I actually forgot to take a picture and so regret that , but not to worry , we'll soon go back and hopefully you can see it for yourself . Things like this happen especially when I get startled . A wrong order to be exact . We were expecting soup and received something deep fried and tossed in black soy .

Anyway , the next closest ecstasy inducing eating experience , comparable to last night's deeeeeeeeeeelicious deep fried garoupa was this .....
Gulp ! 
Bangkok's grilled river prawns , from the other month ( whites of the eyes visible at this point ho yeah ) . Don't waste these succulent glorious treasures by drowning them in tomyam , plain grilled is the way to go .

Tastes like a mix between crab and prawn , flesh is tight and packed , they're huuuuuuuuugeeeee !!! oh man ....these gotta hope they're in season when you fly into the kingdom !

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Star dark , star bright

If you notice already by now , I like to pick up pieces which I actually like from here and there and then only think about how to piece them together in a mix and match manner later . 
Sometimes it works , other times , I think to myself " what on earth was I thinking of back then ? " but most times , this habit of mine ends up with me either looking terribly peculiar or arresting depending on who's looking actually .

Now , as you already have seen from my backposts , I really don't need more earrings but then this particular stall was " throwing prices " so to speak , and of all things I had to go pick the one single earring that cost more than all the other flat priced earrings on offer . Still it cost me less than MYR 10 ( 30 baht to be exact ) , so I would still consider this quite a good buy .
Only thing I did not bargain for was the earring not staying put on sparkling black which I liked ..........

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Lace lookalike playsuit

Cotton On still holds court for the best fitting playsuits that are all at once flowy , feminine and yet so outstanding in it's recognisable design and versatility .

To date , this has got to be the prettiest playsuit I've added to my wardrobe .
Long sleeves , ruffled edges on the pant leg with bell sleeves ....

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tiger striped bomber jacket from Mango

It's funny how I ended up finding yet another gem when I
was just randomly going through some clothes racks , in order to kill time .

Made in Turkey under the Mango label , it's a bomber jacket with a difference . 
Compared to the oriental inspired red and off shoulder black Cotton On bomber jackets I purchased last year , this one's considerably sheer , with an inner black lining , thus making it  comfortable enough to be worn even under the blazing sun .

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Sutti Mansion II - The Edge lookalike , his Blazing Pad Thai and our pot of Burning Tomyam

Never been to Soi 38 before . My first time exploring the area . Doesn't seem to be much action going on and from what I gather , it is all due to the efforts from the authorities on street hawkers .

While it may be a shadow of its past , I was determined to get a late night bite and the only place that looked kinda buzzing seemed to be this tiny , odd spot called Sutti Mansion II .

Ponn Cafe

June in Bangkok is a really good time to go sampling their shrimps . Unlike the beginning of the year , where the weather can get pretty temperate these days , the sun was unbearably unforgiving . But that seemed to have brought out the best in the produce this region has to offer . Chillies are hotter , fruits are sweeter , shrimps are firmer and fresher ( really no idea why ) and if you are lucky , you can also get to sample some off season flowers in your omelette .

Disco Best Beef ดิสโก้ เบสต์บีฟ

By now , I've learnt not to take any beef soup that is dark in colour as it contains too many overpowering herbs that spoil the enjoyment for me .

Disco Best Beef has clear beef soup and that's where we are headed this time . 
Getting a table space can be trying even during non peak periods so be prepared to wait most times .

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hawker Chan - now in Bangkok

My jaw dropped wide open when I saw this .
Hawker Chan has now opened its first restaurant in Bangkok ...

Sizzler , Mega Bangna - lure of the free salad bar buffet

The restaurant buffet scene in Thailand is on such an upswing , that if you walk near or in any major shopping districts especially around Bangkok , in search of all you can eat places , for approximately 500 baht per person ( give and take ) you are bound to find a place to your liking !
There's just so many to choose from !

While , we decided on Sizzler on a whim , first let me show you where it is located in this sprawling complex .
You simply look for this centrecourt with a water feature ....

Flowers in my omelette

Believe me , I find these in season flowers absolutely fascinating . Even more so when they are categorised as food .

From what I observed , most Thais ate this flower picture below , boiled , with white steamed rice , more boiled vegies , a spicy dip 
aaaand nothing much . No meat nor egg which was a little difficult for me .

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rambo - the famous stray now immortalised by MBK

Been close to 2 years since my last visit . 
Will never get tired of Bangkok . Love the food , vibrance , folks and craziness of it all .

Here's one more to add to the long " to do " list .
A fibreglass statue of what I think is Rambo , a famous local stray , just by the side of the MBK building , otherwise known as Mah Boon Krong Shopping Center .