Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Cotton On Body

Orange seems to be my new favourite colour nowadays . 
There are just so many shades to choose from I can't believe it ! 

From pastels , to candy shades and bright fluorescents , when I spot them on the rack , I go a bit nuts after that .

So this is my first mesh twist top by Cotton On Body . 
Exact colour is called Rio Orange but it reminds me of those vitamin C pills the clinics used to prescribe last time .
Supposed to hang loose , but I've got enough loose outer activewear tops for the moment , so I purposely went for a tighter fit despite my pouch that is still there . Then again it is quite transparent , so you have to have some level of confidence before you don it . I simply wore another thin moisture wicking shirt below and walla ...good to go !

You may be able to purchase this online from Zalora , but I got mine from the Cotton On Body store in Megabangna , Bangkok which was so awesome , I would have gone nuts ! 

Walking into the Cotton On store there was an eye opener . It's huge and I eventually found the Cotton On Body all the way at the back , filled with some of the skimpiesttttt lingerie racks that will make your jaw drop out onto the floor , together with activewear and yoga mats etc , I swear I was going to go half mad already !
However , as I kept converting MYR to Baht , I really had to rein myself in there and settle for this . Sobs .

Update : right , after posting this up yesterday , I did a quick internet search and found out that there are 3 outlets that stock Cotton On Body in Penang . One is in Design Village in Batu Kawan , 1st Avenue Mall and Gurney Paragon . Wasting no more time , I nipped into Design Village and came out with these 2 tights today . 

One is known as the Novelty Fashion Crop Tight , colour : Toucan 
the other is Laser Crop Tight , colour : Grey Heather 
Both end above the sock level which is shorter than all the Reebok's , other Cotton On's and Puma tights I have acquired so far .

The Toucan print makes by bum look huge , really really huuuuuuge , but I like it because I think it is so unique . Besides , I love birds and bird prints drive me a bit nuts too . Was the last pair so I did what I had to do .
I could see myself wearing this on an outing rather than to class alone .

Here's the second pair . 
Now that I'm seeing results from 8 months of hard work , I can now pull the extra wide waist band all the way up to cover my belly button .
Wore it to class just now and hubs was amazed at the transformation . Very pleased with this . There's even a secret open pocket just like the Puma tights . But most of all , I love how those detailed stitch lines come together and give my bon bon such an incredible lift , the illusion of slimness is undeniable !

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