Wednesday, 9 August 2017

3 firsts towards a minier me

 This is the first miniskirt I'm purchasing in a really long time .
It's taken between 8 to 9 months to come to this stage .
My tummy has gone down half the size it previously was without any loose skin problem . There's long term results for you . 

Koochi moochi is probably not going to approve but because I live in Penang , the one place in Malaysian where older women of my age and beyond still dare to don such garb , I'm going right ahead and gonna pour myself into one anyway .

Label says Relaxd Mini , 91 : Reworked by Cotton On . Otherwise known as The Vintage Denim Skirt in Mid Blue , a 90s style tight patchwork jeans turned into skirt , with frayed edges .

Also tried on a pair of harem yoga pants but I simply did not like the tee shirt material as I want it to be able to withstand crumpling .

In the end ,I settled for the Coar Racer Back Crop in Small Star Camo Green , with a veeeeery snug fitting bra line fit , ( pic above ) the very first sports bra I'm getting from Cotton On .

And yet another mesh top ( bottom pic ) . 
Love this particular form fitting Coar Power Mesh Tank design so much , I've gotten them in Black , Blue Light and now Parachute Purple first purple top , in case you didn't know .
Still searching for the Coral but haven't seen it so far .

Don't I ever worry about those lady lumps showing ? I used to , but heck , I'm gonna dress for me and not for whoever is looking .

These apparels are my rewards that put me another step closer to a better shape . I might be lumpy still , but I'm gonna get more svelte and these clothes are what motivates me to keep going .

Location : Penang

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