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Monday, 30 October 2017

Filanto - fill it in 1 to 2 sizes smaller

I keep on going into Brands Outlet each time just to try out their Filanto dresses in particular and my search finally paid off yesterday .
Why ? Because last year , after finding 2 sensational form fitting ones ( 1 in black and the other in dark blue )  for under MYR 50 ( such a fit would cost anywhere from MYR 200 onwards in other stores ) , hey , I was hooked !

Now , if you look at this Princess Diana blue shift below ( MYR 39.90 ) , you'll think I must have gone loco or am paid to promote them . In my dreams lah haha .
It fits me like a glove I tell you , ( more like a Chinese version of Ramlah Ram's glamorous dangdut mermaid days ) the trick is in getting it one or two sizes smaller . Don't worry , these are highly stretchable , in fact I could even squeeze myself into an S but if I were to wear that around Georgetown , a lot of ah peks will be blinded by my spotlights and crash their mopeds into the longkang  . Soooo , using better judgement , I took the M cos ( hopefully ! ) it won't cause a stir like when I wore the Reo Red Guess romper out to dimsum in the morning .

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

3 firsts towards a minier me

 This is the first miniskirt I'm purchasing in a really long time .
It's taken between 8 to 9 months to come to this stage .
My tummy has gone down half the size it previously was without any loose skin problem . There's long term results for you . 

Koochi moochi is probably not going to approve but because I live in Penang , the one place in Malaysian where older women of my age and beyond still dare to don such garb , I'm going right ahead and gonna pour myself into one anyway .

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not just any mat

Have you ever seen a gold yoga mat ?
 I sure haven't . Anyway , since I just began to incorporate exercise into my life from last December , inevitably yoga will be a natural progression . Don't care if it has been in the market far back as 2016 ( what the production date on the label says ) but I sure want one for myself ! 
Where did I get this from ? Body by Cotton On . Bag not included .

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017

Cotton On - muscle tee , tank top

When it comes to my activewear , I love to dress in a riot of colours .
Plus I'm beginning to explore other stores for more variety , such as Cotton On , where I found these two called the Coar Coar Power Mesh Tank in Blue Light and Coar Performance Muscle Tee in Yellow Heather .