Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar - my search for the perfect nasi briyani ends here

I was bragging about Tajuddin Hussein's nasi briyani the other day , to this Malay lady , one of the exercise kakis in my fitness circle , when she told me that Kayu's is the best .
" You must go there " 
" Ya meh ? " I huffed .
" Yeeeee betulllllll " she insisted .

So here I am , so obedient yet curious if what she said is true or not , staring at these lovely grains , in shades of orange , white and yellow with raisins and cashewnuts , saying my prayers and hoping that this will not be a disappointment .

Needless to say , the heaven's opened up before me and the angels all blew their trumpets , after I took the first spoonful .

Really sedap !!! Yes !!! Really really really really syok !!!

Alright my search truly ends here . The rice is perfect , with a tiny touch of dryness , long grained , fragrant , aromatic , slightly fluffy , rich , tasty , and best of all they included raisins in 2 tones ....divineeeeeeeeee .
Ohmaigawddddd why didn't I ever step in here sooner ?????

Almost everything on the menu is perfect except for the curry chicken which was placed on top of my briyani . It's a separate order , but it was unexpectedly bland and unexciting and I am so not gonna order that again .

In comparison however , the chicken in the picture below however , was oily yet so delicious . More so since I love fried chicken skin , and well , this version was peppered with an assortment of smashed spices ( one of which I identified as coriander seed ) , hence it made me super appreciative of this very unique recipe  . 

I do have a bone to pick with the outlet .
They should renovate or upgrade if they can cos it looks so run down and appetite killing at first glance .

Other than that , even the drinks are better than most outlets faraway in Little India . 
So rare is a fabulous cup of teh tarik done right nowadays  , what else can one ask for eh ?

Location : Bukit Jambul

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