Sunday, 14 January 2018

Just Food - the $65 Family Platter

No . This did not come from Mr Shawarma , which is located at the entrance of the foodcourt in Gurney Paragon Mall ....
we got this delicious , still smoking Family Platter from one of the last stalls right at the back of the foodcourt .
If I'm not mistaken , they listed themselves as Mediterranean . Doesn't matter . You can find them opposite the Ayam Penyet stall .

There's a whole leg , 2 chicken kebabs , 2 lamb kebabs in different flavours and another portion of chicken with bone on , which happens to be the wing and breast meat , so that makes it half a bird already .

What's so remarkable about this set ?
Other than the taste and freshness , which I absolutely love ( different marinades for different meats and yet they're all tasty and delish ) ? ....

This !
Take a look at the way the platter is served . 
Omg , why didn't we ever order this earlier ? 

It's so much fun ! But be careful though , if you have small kids with itchy fingers , you'll have to either watch them closely or ask the men at the counter to remove the hot coals for you as the mini grill is not heavy , making it easy for kids to tip or knock it around .

Again , it's self service , so do be careful .

The mini bbq set looks very impressive and so absolutely novel , I just keep thinking about when we can go back and do this again cos it's like having a mini bbq on top of the table yet not having to cook while the fragrant smoke is still coming out .

Rice , bread and soup is included with this platter . Just tell them what you want , if it's all 3 , they'll give you all 3 !

Location : Gurney Paragon Mall , Penang 

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