Sunday, 7 January 2018

Kampung Jawi - duck rice village

On this little main street inside Kampung Jawi , at any one time there are at least 4 duck rice stalls open for lunch . Now this is highly unusual because in a lot of other small towns , the most that you will find is 2 competitors fighting for a share of the pie .

Over the years , I've stubbornly stuck to this shop , this particular stall operated by a lady not that she's the best in town or anything , it's just that I personally prefer to eat out in a larger open space by the front of her stall . Her place is also not as crowded , but I'll say it's definitely much more cleaner so there's another tick in the box as to why I choose her over the rest .

She works quietly and has a workforce of other women assisting her . I personally like her quiet style , plus she's always in ankle length stockings which is something peculiar to middle aged Chinese ladies in the north , I find it quirky cos I don't wear socks out with slippers .

Cuisine from the mainland can be more salty than those from what you is the norm on the island state , and it's salty here alright , so , if you're the typical islander , I'd advise you against patronising this stall because you'll just think I've gone mad .

Szechuan veg soup with a bowl of sauce by the side meant for the duck 

Duck has been methodically deboned and neatly reassembled , this never ceases to amaze me , cos there's no way I can ever replicate this feat . Meat here is more gamey ( tougher , more chewy ) , don't say I didn't tell you .

This here is for the road , as we make our way out. Goes very well with a pint as it IS salty .

Location : Penang mainland 

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Snuze said...

I love duck since eating rendang itik at my niece's wedding.