Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yi Garden Cafe, Jalan Macalister ( NH )

December 2014 : hawkers and owners do have tiffs and due to incessant raids by the authorities for health offences, some of the hawkers have moved out. The wantan mee can now be found in Kampung Malabar.

Update 22nd March 2013 :

 Wantan mee fail (too much boric acid, soup lousy, portion less ), Tokyo seafood fail ( no taste, don't know how to cook) Oyster mee fail ( greenish tinged oysters)
Only edible items to me now is the wantan dumpling and chicken feet from the pan mee seller (very blady expensive now)

Earlier post
Yi Garden Cafe, has a good selection of stalls to please the palates of locals and foreigners alike.

From Seafood Chu Cha, Oyster Omelette and Pan Mee to Lobak, Char Horfun and Offal Porridge, every stall here, has managed to garner a loyal following of their own.


Though crowded it's quite easy to find a seat because the atmosphere inside is stuffy .

In fact it is so warm and humid, everyone eagerly finishes up their meal so they can escape into the cool air outside.

What's so good,that I too, am willing to sacrifice comfort and whip out the Rexona here for, is the Wantan Mee ($4.50).

I ordered the soup version, but ended up with the dry one.

Frankly speaking, I really wanted to strangle the hawker, because this isn't the first time it's happened.

However since I got so carried away documenting this magnificently simple meal, by the time I noticed, I compromised (this time only !) by insisting on getting a free bowl of hot boiling soup garnished with spring onions, with a second round of top up, to settle the score .

The combination between fine springy, munchy noodles and huge, dimsum sized juicy mouthfuls of delicious wantans, with a whole medium sized prawn inside each and every one of them, is to die for.

No meal here is ever complete without making a centrepiece of the humble dish of stewed chicken feet with shitake mushrooms.

Sold as a side accompaniment by the Pan Mee stall owner ,it is cooked under slow fire till the liquid turns a sticky caramel.

The sinews and ligaments are not only good for the joints, they also double up as collagen boosters to smoothen your skin.
His version contains secret herbs such as cordyceps to invigorate and rejuvenate.

Highly recommended if you have had, an exhausting day.

Minutes later , the Pan Mee from that same stall arrives. Call me a purist, but I can live without this.

He, on the other hand, loves the freshly made silky smooth noodles, crunchy sliced woodear fungus (good for clearing the arteries), deep fried anchovies,  fine minced pork, star gooseberry leaves (source of vitamin K ) and starchy soup, so much, savouring everything to the last drop.

Directions : from the direction of Komtar,look out for a Sin Chew newspaper office on your left,it is directly opposite it,at the corner where Lorong Selamat starts.

Address : 150, Jalan Macalister,10400 Penang

Chow time : nightly

Tips : walk carefully,the floors here can be oily and slippery. Be prepared to pay the illegal jaga kereta men anything between 50sen to $2 for parking around this area.

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