Thursday, 11 May 2017

Crazy Camo that looks more like art

Here's my second pair of Reebok tights which I find just as addictive as those Forever 21 sports bras .

I may not be so adventurous when it comes to my daily wear ( most times I don a sombre black ) but when it comes to my workout wear , I make it a point to be as colourful or brighter than a circus spotlight .

So , this latest acquisition of mine is called the Reebok One Series Crazy Camo Elite Mesh Tights ( phew ! what a mouthful ! ) from the ActivChill training line .

Honestly , I didn't know it was a camouflage pattern , as I thought it looked more like art on spandex .
But I'm very pleased with this as it hugs the tummy really , really well , with a slight all round compression pressure from the butt to the calf muscles and thighs , to help minimise injuries .

Sewing is tight , and my posterior is accentuated but in a nicer way than it usually is . Also , he noticed that wearing this takes out the swing out of my stride which is a good thing if you know just how well endowed I am in that department and how distracting that can be .

Other thing I notice is I'm leaning more towards greens and this is like , like my 3rd piece after one outer shirt and a pair of neon socks .

Main difference between the Happy Tights and this Crazy Camo , lies in how well the tummy region holds up without slipping into a fold under one filmsy band . Other than that , is that tease of a peekaboo mesh strip which runs along the side of the thigh ( something I've been eyeing for a long time but so far all , I've been seeing is designs in black and more black , how boring ! )

That being said , all Reebok tights ( which I have tried as well as bought so far ) share in common , is that silky , comfortable feel which just makes me wish I could live in them forever and ever and ever !

Location : Penang 

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