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Monday, 13 March 2017

Reebok - they call these Happy Tights

Over the weeks I've been in and out of dressing rooms a lot trying out compression training tights in particular .

This is why I ended up paying more for a pair of Reebok workout tights .

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Succumbing to 2 shades of camouflage and a...

I have phases if you haven't noticed by now .
And currently , I am on the constant lookout for wicking material .
Actually I succumbed to temptation and instead of settling for one camouflage green , I got two . Two ? Oh no but Yep ...two .

2 shades of camouflage ( not from Forever 21 so please don't go looking for this there although other global locations might have this in stock , they do have neon camouflage capris and tops which I don't quite fancy ) and an Alberto de Herrera backless sleeved shirt from Forever 21 made from 83% nylon / polyamide and 17% spandex / elastane .

Price : I don't want to know , I just had to have 'em .

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nearly camouflaged

One reason why I don't like to stand too close to trees is you never know what wildlife you might unexpectedly find .

At one highway rest stop , I rested my palm against a small tree until I saw 2 beady eyes staring straight back at me ! It was a tree lizard and the body camouflage was so perfect , if I did not look closer at the bark I wouldn't even have gotten a fright of my life .
Ya I hate lizards . Hate hate hate hate hate 'em . And I almost fainted after seeing 2 small eyes right next to my hand !