Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tiger striped bomber jacket from Mango

It's funny how I ended up finding yet another gem when I
was just randomly going through some clothes racks , in order to kill time .

Made in Turkey under the Mango label , it's a bomber jacket with a difference . 
Compared to the oriental inspired red and off shoulder black Cotton On bomber jackets I purchased last year , this one's considerably sheer , with an inner black lining , thus making it  comfortable enough to be worn even under the blazing sun .

Looks something like this 
( photo credit : polyvore.com )

As animal prints never die off , you can say that this is an updated look of a fashion that began in the 70s .
Suitable to be paired with any of the white or black tops I have in my wardrobe , I'm
probably gonna wear it with a black jumpsuit I got from Padini last year .

I know , I know , it's the year of the Dog already , so why didn't I think long and hard over introducing a big Cat into my life , yes ? If I were a fengshui master , I'd explain how a dog is always wired into chasing after cats . By that logic alone , I think it's gonna turn out to be an interesting year indeed , provided I wear it often enough .

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