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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Kellogg's Special K makeover with Steven Sunny

Thanks to Kellogg's Special K, I was treated to a total makeover session.
This was the end result.

Normally I, shy away from such events but the name Steven Sunny caught my fancy.
I'd seen him on tv before and didn't want to pass up the opportunity to meet him in person. 
Besides me,there two other winners
...Xorax (love the exotic name !) and Suzi.
What you see below is our before pic.
Boy, I had some nerve turning up looking like this.

When the God of Makeup descended in front of me, I was seriously star struck.
Hyperventilating on the inside while trying to maintain a cool facade on the outside.
Mervin,the hair guru was in charge of our tresses today.
Both are very handsome men,mind you.
(Steven, if you are reading this, that explains why I couldn't breathe everytime you stood in front of me...haha..)

The suave and debonair Chee Meng from Kellogg's stole their thunder away for a moment, when he announced that we would be receiving not one but 2 goodie bags.... one from Kellogg's and the other from Mass Makeup Academy ( containing an Office makeup set worth a lot of moolah)
A fabulous breakfast spread featuring what else but Special K's range of cereals with fresh strawberries,even raspberries !
was on the cards. 

Although in the beginning, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated,what with the heavenly maestro walking in my midst down here on humble planet earth , he sure knows how to put all of us at ease . 
Imparting tip after priceless tip to inspire you on a one to one basis and always encouraging ( just surrender, listen and learn ), I was even more impressed to discover that he is a self made man.
Salute !

I swear anything Mervin touches,turns into silk.
Straw will melt into a bouncy heap of fabulosity.
He can make hyena fur look like posh satin.
Heck I'm even envious about the hair on his own head.
It's gorgeous !

What I didn't know was that with the help of Steven Sunny himself, Kellogg's had more surprises in store for me.
Yes, it so happened that the event fell on my birthday !
The cake was absolutely delicious.

More to come.
October 12th 2012: marks the day I got to go shopping in Pavilion with Steven Sunny .
Two men and one woman fussing all over me and settling all the purchases.
Am one lucky girl indeed.

It was hard not to feel like a celebrity
next to this very gracious and genius immortal.

Thank you so much for making this special day even more super special for me Kellogg's Special K !