Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Cotton On haul - 1 Bomber jacket , 5 Coar

Omg I went mad just now in the store . There were plenty of the stuff that I was looking for and I ended up with yet another 6 pieces from Cotton On 

Here's the bomber jacket ....
called Candice Crepe Bomber Printed in CNY Red Floral .
Oh who cares if it was meant for CNY eh ? 
See , I've been secretly lusting after those Adidas The Farm / asian art type bomber jackets but alas , when I put them on , they just made me look like an auntie from Kowloon .
This one's nice , very youthful and bright ! Completely love it !

Coar 7/8 Sport Tight in Black Garden Print .
Omg this fits like a dream ! 
Love the material . Got to wear a long shirt over it though .

Coar High Waist 7/8 Fitness Tight in  Black / Yellow Block Mesh Panel .

Coar Power Mesh Tank in Black .
I purchased the Blue Light the other day and decided to get the black today .

My second muscle tee ....the Coar Performance Split Muscle in Athletic Grey Heather Mesh

Coar Performance Muscle in Blue Light Heather .
My 3rd muscle tee .
This is roomier than the Coar Performance Muscle Tee in Blue Light I grabbed before this . The first one is tighter and very sheer whereas this latest one is larger and looser .
Hole is much smaller and the sleeveless area has a nice fold to it .

And I'm buying more muscle tees because better toned maam's like muah deserve it .
Besides , it looks really good on me , so why not indeed eh ?
Under the light , it looked more greenish until I read the label lolz .

Anyway , I bought so much he asked me if this was my Raya shopping spree or what .

( Gawd , I have to stop stepping in here or I swear I will go out of control !! )

Location : Penang

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