Monday, 10 April 2017

11 shed

First began my exercise regiment ( which includes twerking ) in earnest somewhere in December last year .
Been keeping to a ( by now ) 4 times a week schedule ( give and take ).

I actually began earlier , but I was just taking long walks or hiking . Those 2 activities made no difference and yielded pathetic results . 

I wasn't loosing any weight. Well , maybe a little . But whatever I lost through hiking , I put back on rapidly after a meal of rice or noodles .

I'd like to tell you that as of today , I've shed a massive 11 kilos all in ( yes , I'm a big gurl ) and my metabolism has obviously improved as I can now eat anything yet my weight keeps dipping steadily.
Kind of reached a plateau currently , but I'm not gonna fret over that as extreme weight loss will result in horrible loose skin , and of course , I really don't want to have to deal with that , man .

One of my exercise mates ( she's a hairdresser ) being very fit and older than me gives me a year to shrink back to my old form .

One year . Oh mai gosh . Seems so long eh ? Is that even possible ?

 Let's see how things go . I'm definitely gonna try to pull through even if I don't get there , I will be fitter , more flexible and supple , and by self recognising it as a personal achievement ( not to mention feeling happier , since I'm now able to pour into smaller sized clothes ) , there , that's all the reward you need .

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