Monday, 9 October 2017

Accessorising weekend

Remember this Stefy jacket I got from Guess ?

Well , on Friday , I walked into a camouflage shop , since I'm so into the print , and then there , in one corner was a pile of iron ons on offer . Oh could I resist .
Thus , I ended up picking this eagle and ....

....there you have it .
A done deed .

Meanwhile , I also picked up one white PU hat from Cotton On . Love this as it'll keep my head dry during the on off drizzles we're getting on the island of late .

Next .
This is why he calls me a gypsy .
Cos I pile on everything .

Out of that pile you see on top , only the pearls are real . The rest is fashion jewellery which I derive a lot of fun from actually .

Out of the whole lot , this piece costs the most and it's from Lovisa , an Australian chain store selling costume jewellery worldwide .

Cattle skull bead thingy from Cotton On in support of their charity drive .

One more from Cotton On .
Antique silver feathered bead bracelet . Proceeds also go to charity .


Antique Ring of Roses , found in a very well lit costume jewellery store in Prangin Mall just next to Mc Donald's on the first floor 

Leather like necklace with a double silver leaf ( one is very tiny ) from a 2 ringgit store on the mainland .
Yes , it cost me just 2 ringgit . Crazy isn't it ? And it won't fade as fast as some places that charge you 19 ringgit for a similar product .

Cotton On .
Black choker with a centre ring .
Very sexy this . Comfy too !

Thin light pink faux leather choker strip .
Cotton On . This one came as a set with the 2 others below . Not interested in looking sweet as I don't believe that we can look sweet anywhere between 30 and 70 . After and before maybe , in between nah . Fat hopes .
Hundred percent I will wear the light pink choker . As for the other two , I'll turn them into either a bracelet or anklet .

Yeah , I like to make a bold statement with my jewellery choices and the following double headed ring from H&M , probably fake howlite , is my current favourite .

When I wear the white ring on one hand , I balance off the other side with this all time favourite monstrous plastic ring from the now defunct Fourskin store from Singapore .

So Aunty / Ah Lian don't you think ?
Low key is not who I am , of course I'll dress this way .....trashy , gaudy , too much , yet so me .

Location : Penang

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Ezna Ahmad Khalili said...

I tak suka pakai ring....hehe