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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Wedge addict

Was bragging to the koochi moochi the other day about me being able to shimmee shimmee yaya in high heels when I was young .
They may not have been dancing shoes but I sure was able to work them like Pitbull's stiletto donning dancers can . 
Back then . 
Need to emphasise back then .

Nowadays , I have turned into a wedge addict because of um , let's say , all that food gave me an issue with the centre of gravity .

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Shoes you must buy from Thai street markets

Well , what kinda shoes should you get when you have the chance to do so ?
I'm recommending those plastic or jelly ones ,that are close copies of famous brands with a twist in design , as well as colour . 

Despite the ridiculous price tag ( around 25 ringgit per pair ) these Thai made shoes are so stable you can run in them , I'm not kidding !
 They're also surprisingly comfy and last so long they can walk you through rain , flood waters and seawater , yet last forever and never spoil ! I should know , because I've done all of that with earlier versions .

Because those with heels are so popular , they get snapped up like hot cakes so you really have to search and if you see one in your size , snap it up quick !

You can pick some of these shoes up in Malaysia too but they're hotter than a boiling pot of dhall and a lot of times , you'll need to stake out or keep tabs on the stall , so that when new stocks arrive , you get them before others do !

So , anyway , I snapped up 3 pairs the other day , I'll show you the first one today .
Currently into light brown , nude and skin tones , I picked the plastic shoe below , for the very unusual heel design . Not too high , super comfortable this .

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Bata Comfit - reason for regular pedicures

Bata ought to put a name to their shoes , in order to make it easier to identify . 

Especially when they have a killer design such as this one , which happens to be able to miraculously transform my ugly toes and legs into something that looks sooooo sexy and stunning !