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Friday, 4 May 2018

Puma haul - Ignite 3 , Tsugi Blaze & Shinsei Nido

A couple of blogposts ago , I was practically grumbling about the prices of Puma shoes since
on the average , the nicer designs are priced between 400 to 600 per pair !
Celebrity endorsements by The Weeknd , Rihanna and Selena Gomez has turned the brand around from boring old same to designs you lust after , with tags that make you wanna swallow some painkiller !

Well , that's how it's been for me all this while , ever the bargain hunter , there is a certain threshold in which I limit myself to what constitutes as reasonable or wait for the price to drop . So happens that today , there was an irresistible offer which caused me to
end up with a haul of not one , but 3 Puma shoes .
Spent close to 2 hours inside the store  selecting ,before coming to a final decision !

Do bear in mind that I have been monitoring their prices for close to 2 years before finally closing in , on what I considered to be a good deal today .

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Vincci - May 2018 sale

Back in Penang , I went straight on the attack mode in the store to "balas dendam" on not having known about there being a Vincci shoe sale earlier .

There's one thing you should know about the May sale . It's close to Raya thus you'll see a lot of sandals in designs which mostly Malay ladies  prefer .
Plus , compared to the time I went mad over the shoes at the last sale , this time round , shoes are priced higher ( most times , costing 10 ringgit more ) , with most popular sizes almost non existant .
Meaning , they seem to be trying to push off the less popular sizes first .

Also , I personally feel that the range is less exciting than the last crazy sale . Still after 2 hours of mingling , putting on , placing back , mirror hogging , I walked out with 4 of these below .

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Everbest - unboxing glittery dancing sneakers

 Everbest is a local shoe brand from Malaysia . 

When I purchased a pair of glittery sneakers from them earlier today , I certainly was not expecting it to come wrapped up so beautifully as if I just coughed up a couple of thousand dollars for it !

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Vincci shoe sale

Have you ever been to a Vincci shoe sale before the crazy crowd barrels in ? ( Scroll down this page for an idea of the crowd that is not at full weekend capacity yet .)

Well , it's my first time EVER , first time coming to a Vincci store on sale where everything is still in place and I managed to find 3 great pairs of heels just now . I was actually here , in this same shop last night but omg....the amount of people just gave me a headache and I decided to come choose waaaaaay before them today .

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Bound feet platforms

Found another one of those Thai / Laos / Cambodian shoe stalls .
The prices for most shoes , since this was not right smack in the centre of Georgetown was 25 ringgit compared to 29 ringgit in the city .

However , when it came to this platform high heel sneaker below , she was only willing to let it go for 36 ringgit .
Sigh .....

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

29 up north

Intan Bling's post about the white pair of shoes with a huge buckle really got my attention as I really like the design which reminds me of those 18th century period shoes .
She also mentioned a shop known as the 28 ringgit shoe store . After wondering what that meant , it finally dawned upon me that Maybe , she was referring to those makeshift shoe stalls set up by Thai and Cambodian nationals in Malaysia .

Thus , I paid a visit to one such place and ended up with 2 types of footwear .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Wedge addict

Was bragging to the koochi moochi the other day about me being able to shimmee shimmee yaya in high heels when I was young .
They may not have been dancing shoes but I sure was able to work them like Pitbull's stiletto donning dancers can . 
Back then . 
Need to emphasise back then .

Nowadays , I have turned into a wedge addict because of um , let's say , all that food gave me an issue with the centre of gravity .

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Shoes you must buy from Thai street markets

Well , what kinda shoes should you get when you have the chance to do so ?
I'm recommending those plastic or jelly ones ,that are close copies of famous brands with a twist in design , as well as colour . 

Despite the ridiculous price tag ( around 25 ringgit per pair ) these Thai made shoes are so stable you can run in them , I'm not kidding !
 They're also surprisingly comfy and last so long they can walk you through rain , flood waters and seawater , yet last forever and never spoil ! I should know , because I've done all of that with earlier versions .

Because those with heels are so popular , they get snapped up like hot cakes so you really have to search and if you see one in your size , snap it up quick !

You can pick some of these shoes up in Malaysia too but they're hotter than a boiling pot of dhall and a lot of times , you'll need to stake out or keep tabs on the stall , so that when new stocks arrive , you get them before others do !

So , anyway , I snapped up 3 pairs the other day , I'll show you the first one today .
Currently into light brown , nude and skin tones , I picked the plastic shoe below , for the very unusual heel design . Not too high , super comfortable this .

Monday, 5 June 2017

Reebok Sayumi and a Classic Royal duffel

Seriously now . I went back in to see where I had gone wrong . Why so many found them suitable , yet I found fault with the Les Milles Hayasu line. Nope.
 Still does not give me that proper fit . Huge issue with a snag in the heel area . 
Really don't see what the fuss is all about .
Had also snuck back into another Puma outlet , not impressed when I realised that they still had a long way to go in terms of durability as well as discolouration .

Then I decided to slip my foot into the brown and white Sayumi . Hey , not bad . 
Found a black and white lying around  but not before a little bit of drama .

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Awkward B23022 moment

Have already worn this pair twice so far . Didn't think much of it when I first purchased it . Purposely got a lower priced range that could take the pounding without costing a bomb . Naturally , I least expected the other girls to be constantly checking out my feet .
Apparently , I'm not the only one who likes the old vintage 3 stripe look . Of course this one's kinda got an updated look but not enough to convince koochi moochi who loves his overseas bought Skecher's to death ! ( how to compare lahhh , cheaper and nicer made some more )

Anyway , one of them stared so hard , with such a steely silence , I just had to look back to see what was bothering her .

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Two three stripes

Honestly , I don't know what came over me .
Maybe I do .

At first I was completely disappointed after trying out another sports shoe brand ( a sports brand I've been gaga about lately ) . Nothing seemed to fit . Anything below 400 ringgit was all hype , you'll need to look at the higher end ones for a decent pair , but I was having none of it .There were snags , the cushioning was very odd and on the umpteenth pair , I swore I'd get a blister if I ended up with a pair for the next few months .

Looked at a cheap sports shoe brand . Apparently my ongoing exercise regime has made me more sensitive about getting the right fit . Too tight on one foot , too much grip on the sole . Forget it .

Walked into Adidas and that was it .
Their shoes fit so snugly , damn , I ended up with 2 pairs ! 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Germany is a quality shoeholics haven !

When I go overseas , I never look for those familiar brands we have back home . Because most times , some of   
  the most reknowned here , are pretty insignificant or nobody even knows them  . Besides when you buy local , it is no less better than what is marketed to you by pioneers who exposed us to 
. such names in the first place

That's how I found my first Marco 
     . Tozzi