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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Vincci - May 2018 sale

Back in Penang , I went straight on the attack mode in the store to "balas dendam" on not having known about there being a Vincci shoe sale earlier .

There's one thing you should know about the May sale . It's close to Raya thus you'll see a lot of sandals in designs which mostly Malay ladies  prefer .
Plus , compared to the time I went mad over the shoes at the last sale , this time round , shoes are priced higher ( most times , costing 10 ringgit more ) , with most popular sizes almost non existant .
Meaning , they seem to be trying to push off the less popular sizes first .

Also , I personally feel that the range is less exciting than the last crazy sale . Still after 2 hours of mingling , putting on , placing back , mirror hogging , I walked out with 4 of these below .

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Play dress up

What I was up to yesterday . 
Just trying my luck and see what happens next .
I look real cute don't I ? 
Like real only haha .
Very retro look .

Inner happiness has a way of making a person glow , don't concentrate on  anger or dissatisfaction with others or yourself , instead focus on what's right in front of you , be thankful for all the little blessings in your life , no matter how insignificant they seem to others .

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mix and match experiment - what goes with what

Because I purchase my clothes off the rack , my choice of accessories and shoes are what's gonna set me apart from another person whom I may bump into on the street wearing the exact same outfit ! 

However , since my memory is just so bad , this mix and match post is for my personal reference , but you're welcome to looksee through my mix and match experiments if you like .

Starting off with 3 outfits first , will add on if and when I feel like it ( maybe even never  ! ) . 
The rest are non matching accessories which I intend to pair together , some of which I made myself , especially when it comes to simple earrings .

# 1

Lovisa bubble statement earrings


Friday, 29 December 2017

Colour my bag

We're approaching the last days of the Malaysian year end sale and as soon as that is over , I'm sure Chinese New Year shoppers will be their next target . What that means another round of sales, folks !

If you ask me , this year has been a really good year to go search for stuff in the retail stores since so many people prefer to shop online nowadays as they're either too busy / the mere thought of lining up or even trying to get parking space just makes them throw their hands up and surrender . 

All this means a better chance for shoppers like me , someone who is in the midst of building a wardrobe ( yeah , I don't wait for New Year to make resolutions , I just get down and do it ) to land some really fantastic buys from the stores .
You have less competition ladies !

Friday, 3 November 2017

The Vincci shoe sale

Have you ever been to a Vincci shoe sale before the crazy crowd barrels in ? ( Scroll down this page for an idea of the crowd that is not at full weekend capacity yet .)

Well , it's my first time EVER , first time coming to a Vincci store on sale where everything is still in place and I managed to find 3 great pairs of heels just now . I was actually here , in this same shop last night but omg....the amount of people just gave me a headache and I decided to come choose waaaaaay before them today .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Wedge addict

Was bragging to the koochi moochi the other day about me being able to shimmee shimmee yaya in high heels when I was young .
They may not have been dancing shoes but I sure was able to work them like Pitbull's stiletto donning dancers can . 
Back then . 
Need to emphasise back then .

Nowadays , I have turned into a wedge addict because of um , let's say , all that food gave me an issue with the centre of gravity .