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Friday, 3 November 2017

The Vincci shoe sale

Have you ever been to a Vincci shoe sale before the crazy crowd barrels in ? ( Scroll down this page for an idea of the crowd that is not at full weekend capacity yet .)

Well , it's my first time EVER , first time coming to a Vincci store on sale where everything is still in place and I managed to find 3 great pairs of heels just now . I was actually here , in this same shop last night but omg....the amount of people just gave me a headache and I decided to come choose waaaaaay before them today .

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Wedge addict

Was bragging to the koochi moochi the other day about me being able to shimmee shimmee yaya in high heels when I was young .
They may not have been dancing shoes but I sure was able to work them like Pitbull's stiletto donning dancers can . 
Back then . 
Need to emphasise back then .

Nowadays , I have turned into a wedge addict because of um , let's say , all that food gave me an issue with the centre of gravity .